Micky Bray and Acacia Ridge Vivaldi

 Just writing to let you know that Squiggle and I have been accepted on to the Victorian Young Rider A Squad.  I am the youngest at 14 yrs and everyone else is over 18.  Squiggle is being such a good boy and I am learning heaps !  

We are now competing at Advanced level with over 60% which I am pretty excited about !  He has taken me so far and I am very lucky to have him. 


Fiona Heysen - Kalinga Nora

Natalie - Eskie and Windsong


Hi Denise,

Thought I'd let you know that I had my first ride on Eskie today and WOW !!!  He is such a super star.  I am so excited as I have not just the one stunner but 2 !  Your horses are wonderful and I have noticed straight away that both my horses possess the same calm, trainable and sweet temperaments.  I can't thank you enough (and have thanked Lisa profusely also !!!).  I don't think that I will  ever buy anything that doesn't come from  you ever again so keep up the good work !  Thanks again Denise for putting me in touch with Lisa.  I am so fortunate to have both Eskie and Windsong.  They are both such sweethearts !!

Take care and talk soon, Natalie


 Hi Denise,

It has been nearly 4 months since I came down to meet you and Windsong for the first time and Windsong is now settled with us on the Gold Coast.  I have to say a HUGE thank you for your honesty about ‘Winnie’ as she is nothing short of delightful to own.  Her temperament is just wonderful and her ground manners impeccable.  I am able to float her by herself and she has no worries about working without any other horses present.  She is comfortable in her own skin and so well adjusted to everything!

Windsong is everything you told me she was and more as it turns out.  It is rare to find someone like you who is honest about the horse they are selling and who places much more importance on finding the correct home for their horses, rather than money.  I was so impressed with your communication and your willingness to allow me the time to arrange a trip down to meet Winnie.

From the moment Winnie stepped off the truck (after a week in transit!) she acted like she had been here before and settled in on the very first day.  She has such a sunny disposition and is very exuberant around the place but once a halter goes on, she is focused 100% on me.

We are still getting to know one another and are hoping to attend a few small shows by the end of the year.  She is just divine Denise, and I can’t believe my luck in having such a perfect youngster.

Thanks again for everything and Winnie and I will keep you posted as to our progress! 


June & Sarah Bowman - Vivaldi

 Hi Denise,  We can’t believe it has been 4 years since we came to look at ‘Squiggle’ or Acacia Ridge Vivaldi when he’s being posh. It isn’t easy to find the right young horse for a young rider but Sarah and Squiggle have made a wonderful combination. He has taken her through the grades to now be competing very successfully at Medium level and they have a very bright future ahead of them. He has a real presence when out and regularly attracts attention and comment. I know you will be happy to learn that Sarah & Squiggle have been Long Listed to ride Dressage at the Youth Olympics which is to be held in Sydney in January 2009.  We are so lucky to have had to opportunity to buy such a lovely boy. 

Lisa Le Provost - Acacia Ridge Romanesque

 Dear Denise, Thank you very much for the help and honesty that you gave me during my recent purchase of the gelding, Acacia Ridge Romanesque, (“Eskie”). Eskie arrived safe and sound in Sydney from his long trip up from Adelaide due to the fantastic attention and care that he received from Goldners Transport Group. There wasn’t a mark on him and he wondered off the truck as if he had been living at my place all of his life.

Since he’s arrived he has just been such a pleasure to have around. He has impeccable ground manners, a terrific temperament and is already proving to be quite a favourite around the stables.

Under saddle he is also brilliant as he tries really hard and has got a good solid basic education. His movement is fantastic and he catches onto everything really quickly. He is by far the most sensible four year old that I have ever come across – there is a lot of activity at my place and he has an attitude almost like he has seen it all before. He’s so no fuss that I’ve already entered him in a few competitions, something that I never dreamed that we would be ready to do so quickly, especially as he has only been under saddle a matter of months!

When I had the vet check done of Eskie, the vet, Dr. Greg Sezun said to me, ‘Denise is very honest, she’s the sort of person who calls a spade a spade’. After the experience that I have had with you through buying Eskie, I would very much have to agree with this – Eskie is everything that you said he would be (and possibly a little more!). Your communication and honesty throughout the whole transaction was so fantastic – I really couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome!!! 


Louise Hall - Bewitched

 Denise, Just touching base to let you know how Bewitched, aka Sabrina is settling in.  What a great little youngster you have bred. She is delightful to handle and quiet, totally on the ball and always interested in what's going on.  And of course movement to die for, 'already engaged' I say, so balanced and great sit. Can't wait to ride her.

Everyone that comes here falls in love with her. And from all reports so did everyone that came into contact with her at Goldners. It was truly a fantastic effort that Trish at Goldners got the boss's pony as a travelling companion for Sabrina, as you and I both did not want her traveling by herself back to Adelaide.

Sabrina is now out in the big paddock with our other weanling, enjoying life and learning the ropes.

Thank you so much, Louise Hall, Upper Plenty, Victoria